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With virtually all of the major television stations, newspapers, radio stations, and magazines under the control of less than 30 multi-national corporations, it is no wonder that most Americans have little idea of what is really going on in the world today. Fortunately, the Internet now provides a way for thoughtful citizens to learn the truth about the global conflict that is now brewing. There are many trustworthy sources of news now available on the Net, but finding them is not always easy. The following news sources have been proven to be reliable in the past. Obviously, we cannot vouchsafe for all of their content, but the links below will give you access to opinions and facts that the corporate-controlled media want to keep out of the public eye. The following list is far from complete. If you would like to recommend other reliable sources of information please send your recommendations to:


The Guardian (

The Palestine Chronicle (

The Earth Times
The Earth Times is the leading independent international nonpartisan newspaper on the human environment and such interrelated concerns of the international system as economic growth, humanitarian issues, and social development. Published by the not-for-profit International Media Foundation, the newspaper specifically explores the subject of change-how individuals and institutions work in their own societies to tackle their challenges and generate positive change in social and economic conditions. In particular, The Earth Times examines and conveys the working of the global United Nations system, and that of multilateral and bilateral agencies.

The Earth Times also serves as a forum for “'voices from the field”-everyday men and women who are active agents of change whose points of view are seldom heard in the mainstream media. In light of the events of September 11, 2001, The Earth Times has accelerated its coverage of the war against terrorism, poverty, discrimination, illiteracy and pollution.

Pakistan's most widely circulated English language newspaper

ZNET is an independent political website of critical thinking on political, cultural, social, and economic life in the United States. It sees the racial, sexual, political, and class dimensions of personal life as fundamental to understanding and improving contemporary circumstances and it aims to assist activist efforts to attain a better future.

Free Translation of Arabic Websites (Joanna Glasner,, November 12, 2001)
Four weeks ago, introduced what its founder says is the first free online service that instantly translates Arabic websites into English. The company, a division of Arabic-language programming firm Sakhr Software, has been running an English-to-Arabic translation service for more than a year. . . . Al Sharekh, a Kuwaiti citizen educated in the United States, admits that machine translation -- despite momentous improvements in recent years -- is still far from perfect. . . . But given the voracious demand for news from abroad in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, Al Sharekh tells Wired News that users are learning to live with a little weird grammar. . . . We also recently launched Johaina, a news gathering service with an Arabic language interface. An English site will be fully functional soon. The service monitors -- around the clock -- hundreds of Arabic and English websites, detects any new articles and updates and categorizes them. Users request the full human translation of an article from the site to be delivered within hours to their e-mail inboxes.

Mother Jones — online
“Mother Jones was the first general-interest magazine in the country to offer its content online (November 1993). Mother Jones Interactive morphed into the MoJo Wire in 1995 and into in March, 2001. . . . is more than just the print magazine's articles online. Our Web Exclusives -- articles and projects published only on the Internet -- help you get your daily dose of Mother Jones sensibility and news between issues of the magazine.”

Media Monitors Network
MMN is not sponsored by anyone influential and does this intentionally so that we will not be 'forced' into one opinion or another.

Journalists, editors, writers, photographers, human rights activists, webmasters, poets, columnists, reporters, researchers, analysts, observers, columnists, content providers, media contributors, observers, social scientists and other professionals from around the globe are invited to join Media Monitors Network (MMN) to counter information warfare and fabricated propaganda in the world media and to promote the whole truth, fairness and accuracy in news reporting.

Media Monitors Network also believes that independent, aggressive, critical and free Press is essential to an informed democracy. Media Monitors Network fully supports freedom of the Press and strongly encourages independent and investigative journalism, which should never be compromised. Media Monitors Network advocates that structural reforms are needed to break up the dominant media conglomerates, eliminate the monopoly of exploitative media barons, establish independent public TV programs and public radio shows, and promote strong, non-profit/non-commercial alternative sources of news, information and ideas.

Current Awareness Resources via Streaming Audio & Video
This page is a compilation of links to audio/video services that can be of use to the information professional who monitor current events. It focuses on news/public affairs services that are available in English. In most cases these links will take you directly to the service (it will start playing immediately) or to within ONE click.

Ha'aretz is an independent daily [Israeli] newspaper with a broadly liberal outlook both on domestic issues and on international affairs. It has a journalistic staff of some 330 reporters, writers and editors. The paper is perhaps best known for its Op-ed page, where its senior columnists - among them some of Israel's leading commentators and analysts - reflect on current events. Ha'aretz plays an important role in the shaping of public opinion and is read with care in government and decision-making circles.

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