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A Statement of Corporate Consciousness

     Most companies today have a carefully prepared Mission Statement, which sets out the long range objectives of the enterprise. Yet very few companies have what I believe to be its requisite companion, a Statement of Corporate Consciousness. Under the laws of the United States, business enterprises that are incorporated enjoy many of the benefits normally accorded only to individuals. For example, a corporation can:

  • Sue and be sued in a court of law
  • Enter into contracts
  • Buy and sell both real and personal property
  • Be held responsible for breaking the law
  • Be held responsible for its own debts

     A corporation is a separate legal entity that potentially may exist in perpetuity. First year real estate law students quickly learn that “the law hates perpetuities.” Yet when it comes to corporations, the law steps in to create a perpetual entity. Even the deaths of all its officers, directors, and shareholders would not cause the automatic end of a corporation.

     When one sees a corporation for what it is, a voluntary association of human minds engaged in a common activity, it becomes strikingly clear that if this entity is going to behave properly and succeed it must have some degree of unified consciousness. Like most individuals, however, many companies never take the time for the introspection required to form a coherent view of what their company should be known as and remembered for. Equally important is the fact that without a clearly articulated declaration of corporate consciousness, the officers, directors, and employees of that company often end up unconsciously sabotaging one another and, ultimately losing site of their company’s mission.

     As the pace of life seems to be quickening, it is more important than ever before that these superhuman organizations experience a growth in their collective awareness so as to keep pace with the personal growth experienced by their customers, employees, and shareholders. It is from this point of view that I promote the creation of a Statement of Corporate Consciousness


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