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Bill of Rights Defense Committee Make your city or town a Civil Liberties Safe Zone . . . We support repeal of parts of the USA PATRIOT Act and Executive Orders that infringe on Constitutional rights. This web site documents and supports local efforts to restore civil liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution, which have been threatened by the Act and Orders. Use this site to:

  • Read about efforts of cities and towns nationwide to protect and restore their residents' civil liberties. Eight cities and towns have passed civil liberties resolutions; others are working on them.
  • See and use tips and tools from a committee in Northampton, MA, that worked with city officials to obtain the City Council's UNANIMOUS approval of a strongly worded Resolution in Defense of the Bill of Rights. Tools include an outline of the steps we took and downloadable documents we developed that can help you streamline a similar effort in your city or town.

GWBush In the mean time you might have fun surfing "George W Bush -- not a crackhead!" This is a portal into many of the sites spoofing the current occupant of the White House. Just to give you the flavor of the site, here are lines from some of the bumper stickers they have for sale:

  • Don't blame me. I voted with the majority
  • GWBush, born with a silver spoon up his nose
  • Vote GOP, Enron's favorite party
  • Don't blame me, my vote didn't count

On this site, you can also listen to a conversation Bush was having about this particular website when he said, "there ought to be limits to freedom."

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