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Commonway is an inclusive social change organization, dedicated to creating a society that works for all. Our goal is to foster inclusive, sustainable human societies on an ecologically viable planet. . . . We also conduct projects, events and activities for organizations and individuals that catalyze and demonstrate inclusivity. We do this as consultants to other organizations (client-based projects) and as internal activities (Commonway -sponsored projects). . . . We have to move beyond "honoring diversity" to embrace inclusivity. We must learn and practice human ecology: building healthy, balanced and dynamic human interactions from our currently toxic ones. If our society doesn't work for everybody, it doesn't work for anybody.

Foundation for Global Awakening (FGA) was created to assist humanity's spiritual and social awakening by providing facilitation and resources for projects and individuals who are expressing this consciousness in practical ways.
The Foundation draws together and coordinates financial, human and material resources that are ready to be aligned with global awakening. FGA will identify projects and individuals worldwide already engaged in spiritually aligned work. The Foundation is not limited to or influenced by any political, economic, or religious interests.
The Foundation embodies new processes and structures designed to serve humanity's spiritual awakening. All levels of FGA activities and operations are encouraged to develop the greatest possible synergy within themselves. The Foundation seeks cooperative and synergistic relationships with other organizations and individuals throughout the world to achieve the greatest effect.

Three principles guide FGA's work: all its activities have intrinsic value as an act of service to global awakening; all parts synergistically relate to each other; and all work serves as a way to invite and engage people to connect with their own spiritual awakening.

It is now essential to create a practical and energetic center of communities that can tap potentially unlimited resources to facilitate the transformation of humanity.
. . .

We are interested in developing global-scale processes and structures that are specifically designed to assist the fullest expression of social and spiritual awakening. To this end, we are focusing on three main areas: creative and social expression of the new consciousness; facilitation of projects, structures, and processes; and development of financial and other resources needed for this work.

Hempy's Eco-Technology Clothing is the result of 5 years of specialized research and development in the area of environmental fabrics and hardware. Our goal was to design the ultimate blueprint for creating premium clothing and accessories with ecologically advanced materials. The result is a sophisiticated line that embodies style and intelligence. Hempy's eco-technology series is the clothing of the future.

The Kogi are an indigenous people living in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains of northern Columbia, in South America They are the only civilisation to have survived the Spanish conquests and to have kept there individuality. . . . They are perhaps the only indigenous people in the world who, because of the particular nature of their surroundings, have been able to keep them selves apart and sustain their culture inviolate. . . . They have survived to this day, keeping their traditions and relying upon, and looking after, the mountain environment. They believe it is their duty to look after the mountain which they call 'The Heart of the World'. They call themselves the Elder Brother and refer to the new- comers as the Younger Brother, who they believe is destroying the balance of the world. . . . In 1990 the Kogi decided they must speak out to the rest of the world. They had survived by keeping themselves isolated but they decided that it was time to send a message to the Younger Brother. They could see that something was wrong with their mountain, with the heart of the world. The snows had stopped falling and the rivers were not so full. If their mountain was ill then the whole world was in trouble.

Organic Consumers Association

The OCA is a grassroots non-profit public interest organization which deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, corporate accountability, and environmental sustainability. We are the only organization in the US focused exclusively on representing the views and interests of the nation's estimated ten million organic consumers.

The Organic Consumers Association was formed in 1998 in the wake of the mass backlash by organic consumers against the U.S. Department of Agriculture's controversial proposed national regulations for organic food. Through the OCA's SOS (Save Organic Standards) Campaign, as well as the work of our allies in other organizations, the organic community was able to mobilize 280,000 consumers to send in letters and emails to the USDA. In this project the OCA worked in cooperation with hundreds of natural food stores, consumer co-ops, Community Supported Agriculture groups, and farmers markets, as well as thousands of individual volunteers across the country--a relationship which has continued through the present time.

Our political program is the Food Agenda 2000-2010: a three point platform calling for

  1. a global moratorium on genetically engineered foods and crops
  2. a phase-out of the most dangerous industrial agriculture and factory farming practices
  3. the conversion of American agriculture to at least 30% organic by the year 2010

Our web site, research, and media team are considered by reporters and radio talk show hosts to be among some of the nation's top experts on food safety and organic food. Our media team provides background information, interviews, and story ideas to TV and radio producers and journalists on a daily basis--from national TV networks to the alternative press. Our field organizers provide advice and coaching to grassroots activists across the nation and coordinate our network of 10,000 volunteers.

Solartech . . . sun illumination systems

Solartech Illumination Inc. has designed a radically innovative and cost-effective solar illumination system. The patented technology complements a building's existing electric lighting system, providing dramatic energy cost savings by reducing, or eliminating the need for daytime electric lighting for a substantial part of the year.

Utilizing light concentrating mirrors, and by following the sun's path each day for optimal alignment, the patented Solartech daylighting system collects, concentrates and re-distributes sunlight for interior building Illumination. A concentrated beam with heat removed (akin to a cool laser) is transmitted over distance with no appreciable losses. Reflectors then redirect successive portions of the beam, providing natural light illumination through out the building.

The system can provide annual electric lighting energy cost savings of $50-$100 thousand each year in a typical 130,000sq.ft commercial or industrial building installation.

Survival International is a worldwide organisation supporting tribal peoples. It stands for their right to decide their own future and helps them protect their lives, lands and human rights.

Survival is the only worldwide organisation supporting tribal peoples through public campaigns. It was founded in 1969 after an article by Norman Lewis in the UK's Sunday Times highlighted the massacres, land thefts and genocide taking place in Brazilian Amazonia. Like many modern atrocities, the racist oppression of Brazil's Indians took place in the name of 'economic growth'.

Today, Survival has supporters in 82 countries. It works for tribal peoples' rights in three complementary ways: education, campaigns and funding. We also offer tribal people themselves a platform to address the world. We work closely with local indigenous organisations, and focus on tribal peoples who have the most to lose, usually those most recently in contact with the outside world.

We believe that public opinion is the most effective force for change. Its power will make it harder, and eventually impossible, for governments and companies to oppress tribal peoples.

Sustainable Business
Sustainable businesses offer products and services that fulfill society's needs while contributing to the well-being of all earth's inhabitants.

To us, sustainable businesses are companies that unabashedly embrace the goal of enhancing life on earth as an integral part of their business strategy. These companies show exceptional leadership by their explicit commitment - and the significant resources they allocate to back it up - to address the ecological crisis as it relates to their industry.

At, we serve the businesses that are ready to make this vision a reality now. We are the Internet community for businesses that integrate economic, and social and environmental concerns into their core strategy. In short, we help green business grow.

We use the Internet to "grease the wheels" - to accelerate the spread of sustainable business practices by increasing market penetration of sustainable products, services, and the companies that produce them. covers the field as a whole, bringing together businesses from such diverse industries as renewable energy, organic products, social investing, green building and construction, and re-manufacturing.

By providing businesspeople direct access to the information and tools they need, meaningful employment and resources for sustainable business development, we are helping to shift human and material resources toward a restorative economy.

You can learn it all and keep up with the pulse of the industry through

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