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Parodies, entertainment, and fun stuff


The Memory Hole - rescuing knowledge & freeing information

The Memory Hole exists to preserve and spread material that is in danger of being lost, is hard to find, or is not widely known. This includes:

• Government files
• Corporate memos
• Court documents (incl. lawsuits and transcripts)
• Police reports and eyewitness statements
• Congressional testimony
• Reports (governmental and non-governmental)
• Maps, patents, Web pages
• Photographs, video, and sound recordings
• News articles
• Books (and portions of books)

The emphasis is on material that exposes things that we're not supposed to know (or that we're supposed to forget).


9-11 Visibility Project This is an action-oriented 9-11 website. Many good websites already exist offering research and analysis of the events of September 11th, 2001. The purpose of this site is not to duplicate these efforts, nor to prove or disprove what really happened. Rather, their goal is to support the 9-11 truth movement itself, led by the victims' families' efforts to obtain full government accountability for the suspicious and unprecedented intelligence and air defense failures that took place before and during the attacks. What you will find on this site are information and tools designed to help build this movement including contact information for local action groups. This site is an excellent place to find all the latest links to stories investigating the possible involvement of US Government officials in the events surrounding 9-11. is a project of the Independent Media Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting independent and alternative journalism. . . . First launched in 1998, AlterNet's online magazine provides a mix of news, opinion and investigative journalism on subjects ranging from the environment, the drug war, technology and cultural trends to policy debate, sexual politics and health issues. The AlterNet article database includes more than 7,000 stories from over 200 sources.

Flyby News This website was originally built to keep people informed of the flyby of NASA's Cassini space probe, with its 72 pounds of radioactive plutonium on board. Today it has morphed into a news service that provides (much as this site does) an eclectic look at the news. New items are posted frequently and each day's new postings are conveniently listed by headline. Flyby News covers this issue of the militarization of space and other concerns vital for life's survival in the 21st Century.

Jay's Leftist and Progressive Internet Resources Directory: A Web Portal for all Good People around Planet Earth who are anti-War, anti-Imperialist, anti-Racist, anti-Sexist, and anti-Homophobic and who want to Fight Back and build together a Better World.

Physics 9-11 is an excellent resource for investigating the science involved in the events of September 11, 2001. Main sections of this Web site include: 9/11 Scenarios, Operation Pearl, Evidence of Complicity, Jihad - or Black Op?, Pentagon Attack, The Missing Wings, Pentagon Physics, WTC Attack, Collapse of WTC 7, WTC Dust Cloud, Themite Demolition?, 9/11 Achilles Heel?, Cell Phones & 9/11. In addition, you will find many other interesting resources on this important Web site.

What Really Happened
The history the government hopes you DON'T learn. This is one of the hottest alternative news sites on the Web. And it is a great place to find links to blogs and Webcams from the Middle East. If you want to keep up with what is really going on in this world, then go directly to

Opinions was started on the principle of free-thinkers creating their own media. Tired of the pretentious and uninspiring content found on the web and in print, creators Allen Harrison and Melissa Hostetler set off to create a home for independent culture and thought on the web.

     Hailing from the Midwest of all places, attempts to bring you all that is great and DIY in music, art, literature, culture, politics, and sports. The site is updated three times a month with interviews, articles, reviews, and commentary written by people like you -- people who can't stand mainstream culture and the zombies it creates.

Life in the Development Zone . . . Missives from the Middle Kingdom

Joshua Wickerham is an English teacher in China. This is his story. LIDZ is an excellent account of life in Asia from the point of view of a young American. His blog provides a highly literate, running account of the life of an ex-patriot, recent college graduate. Josh provides many valuable insights into life in one of the world's oldest cultures and how they view the U.S., as it flexes its military muscle. One of our favorite features on this site are the excellent photographs from China, Mexico, and other beautiful locations.

Michael Moore, the well-respected film director, TV personality, writer, and all-around cultural icon will keep you in touch with what is really going on in the U.S. today.

The Sagen Script

The Sagen Scrypt is a zine that publishes anarchist and anti-corporate opinions. It is a voice for those who are frustrated with the current capitalist structure as well as corporate media and society. It is an alternative to mainstream media and promotes DIY philosophy. Open your mind for a moment and see what we've been trying to tell you all along. . . . The Sagen Scrypt is an open forum for all who wish to share their thoughts and ideas. Some topics discussed in this zine include autonomy, anarchism, capitalism, poverty, ageism, commercialism, non-conformity, corporate imperialism, squatting, environmental activism, and such.

Parodies, entertainment, and fun stuff

The U.S. Government has absolutely no clue about how to use the Internet. Evidence of this is their failure to secure the dotORG version of the White House site. For an in-depth, satirical, look at the White House, go to A lot of work has gone into this site. Our only complaint is the excessive use of cookies and annoying little popup windows, which makes me wonder who is really behind this effort. If you block all cookies from this site, however, it seems to work OK and is a lot of fun. WARNING: Don't go to this website until you have some time to spend. It can be addicting.

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