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Dr. Rice is Either Incompetent or a Liar

Lorenzo Hagerty, April 9, 2004

     Dr. Rice's testimony the other day brought out a frightening fact: If half of the people in this country can actually swallow her stories, then the power elite have succeeded in their coarsening and dumbing-down of America. Where is the public outrage calling for her resignation? No matter what you believe about whether or not the attacks of September 11th could have been prevented, there is no denying the fact that Dr. Rice is either incompetent or a liar.

     I was flabbergasted when I heard her correct the comment she made about never imagining that a terrorist would fly an airplane into a building. Earlier she said "no one" could have imagined such a thing. Under oath she said, " I should have said I couldn't have imagined it." The public record is now very clear about the fact that there were a good many people in the government who not only imagined such a thing but even predicted it. With all of the intelligence information she had access to, if Dr. Rice couldn't imagine such a thing then she is the most incompetent National Security Advisor ever.

     Another example of her chutzpa was where she blandly smiled and said she couldn't remember if she had bothered to tell Bush that there were 70 Al Queda cells operating in the US . . . and those were only the ones we knew about! Couple that little tidbit with the fact that one of Bush's daily briefings was titled "'Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States" and at the very least this is incompetence. Personally, I don't believe Dr. Rice is that stupid, which only leaves one alternative, she is lying. So what's really going on here? Let's follow the money.

     This is only a theory, but parts of it are at least worth looking into.

     Sometime in 1995, George the First introduced Dr. Rice to little George. Now little George, while he's not stupid, is studiously ignorant. He doesn't know and doesn't care very much about the world outside of his immediate range of family and friends. He already knew that his father and his father's business cronies had decided to put him in the White House. That was just fine with little George, as long as he didn't have to do too much thinking. So here comes his daddy who introduces Dr. Rice as the person who will do all of his foreign policy work for him. She is going to be the brains of the outfit he is told.

     How very clever it was of those powerful businessmen to hide their point person right out in the open. All this time we thought that Cheney was the brains behind this criminal enterprise. But he may only be a decoy. Could it be Dr. Rice who is the source of all the bad policy coming out of this junta?

    And by the way, if you don't think this is a criminal enterprise, just follow the money. Billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars are being transferred out of our treasury into the bank accounts of Halliburton, Carlyle, and their sordid friends. Should the human species be fortunate enough to survive for another millennium, they will still be talking about this, the boldest criminal venture of all times. These guys started a war without provocation. Their bombs destroyed the infrastructure of an already fragile, but oil-rich, country. And now, after first paying for the bombs that destroyed Iraq, the US taxpayers are footing the bill to rebuild the infrastructure that we destroyed. Ultimately, a significant part of those taxpayer dollars wind up lining the pockets of the many friends of the Cheney-Bush junta. It's brilliant! Totally immoral, but brilliant nonetheless.

     Their best stroke, however, was to entice Dr. Rice to play the role of their Dr. Strangelove. Actually, I feel a little sorry for her. She is obviously a brilliant and talented person. It is just too bad that she has lent her talent to such an unholy enterprise.

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