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Terence McKenna reading "Land Without Evil" by Matthew PallamaryTerence McKenna is the most important--and most entertaining--visionary scholar in America. To be uninformed of his ethnobotanical discoveries is to be oblivious to the central thrust of human consciousness, which is not to survive with the dung beetles but to soar with the gods.--Tom Robbins

McKenna is a wild man, probing the depths of the great mysteries of the mind. He asks big questions, he rides the Edge. He's an explorer, a circumnavigtior of human consciousness. Terence is on to something.--Mickey Hart, The Grateful Dead

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The picture at the right was taken in September 1999 at the AllChemical Arts Conference in Hawaii. This was one of the last public appearences Terence made before his untimely death on April 3, 2000. In this photo he is seen with the book he was reading when he wasn't on stage or visiting with friends. It is Land Without Evil by Matthew Pallamary.

McKenna - Food of the GodsFood of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge: A Radical History of Plants, Drugs, and Human Evolution

[Amazon reader comment] If you are looking for a thought provoking book that is a bit left field, but well written, this book is for you. The main premise of the book is that due to climate changes homonids were forced to adapt eating habits to include previously untried foods, such as psychoactive plants and mushrooms, and that this led to an evolutionary jump for the species. McKenna then shows historically how and why certain drugs have become dominant and what this could mean for humanity.

McKenna - Trud HallucinationsTrue Hallucinations : Being an Account of the Author's Extraordinary Adventures in the Devil's Paradise

[Amazon reader comment] This book is an adventurer's tale; a gripping account of the harrowing experiences of a group of hippie thrill-seekers. This book is a real page-turner. It reads like a good novel, and there is never a dull moment. It is simply a blow-by-blow account of the author's drug-induced experiences in the Amazon jungle, a cross between an episode of National Geographic Explorer and an article out of High Times.

McKenna - The Invisible LandscapeThe Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens, and the I Ching

The first work of cyberethnopharmacology --Michael Horowitz, Director of the Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library

One of the most mind boggling books I've ever read. --Jerry Garcia

Put simply, Terence is a hoot. --Esquire

McKenna - The Archaic RevivalThe Archaic Revival: Speculations on Psychedelic Mushrooms, the Amazon, Virtual Reality, UFOs, Evolution
McKenna's ideas are rare jewels discovered during expeditions to the heights and depths of inner space....The Archaic Revival is flammable to the drybrush and deadwood of the intellect. In the twilight of human history, McKenna's prescription for slavation is just so crazy it might work. --Alex Grey, artist

McKenna is the culture's foremost spokesman for the psychedelic experience --LA Weekly

McKenna - Mushroom Grower's GuidePsilocybin: Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide: A Handbook for Psilocybin Enthusiasts (with Dennis McKenna)

Practical alchemy. The techniques developed by the Brothers McKenna during the 1970s created a revolution in home cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms. This book is the best selling psychedelic mushroom cultivation guide in history. Change your life today, the mycological kingdom awaits the pilgrim.

McKenna - Alien DreamTimeAlien Dreamtime (DVD)

Words - Terence McKenna
Visuals - Rose X
Music - Spacetime Continuum
Didgeridu - Stephen Kent

Alien Dreamtime was produced as a live multi-media event in San Francisco, on the evenings of February 26 and 27, 1993. The performance is divided into three movements, each reflective of Terence McKenna's ethnobotanical theories: Archaic Revival, Alien Love and Time Wave Zero. McKenna's presence is combined with the neo-psychedelic visuals of Rose X and ambient techno improvisations by Space Time Continuum and didgeridusita, Stephen Kent.

[Amazon viewer comment] In a word - amazing, but like the psilocybin and dmt expereinces discussed, words cannot describe it. McKenna was an amazing man and will be sincerely missed. Alien Dreamtime is an adventure all its own - not only do we have one of Terence McKenna's vivid and insightful speaches, it is accompanied by the perfect didj music of Space Time Continuum and crazy trippy visuals - not the synthetic ... kind that look acid inspired, beautiful shroom inspired sights made me wonder whether or not they were in my head!

McKenna - Strange AttractorStrange Attractor (DVD)

Words - Terence McKenna
Dance diva - Lady Miss Kier of Deee*Lite
Introducing - Britt Welin as the exotic half of the attractor
Next world, ambient soundtrack from A Guy Called Gerald
Created by Rose X, from a story by Rose X, Directed by Ken Adams

A strange attractor is created when lovers synchronize their minds, bodies, and computers using botanical substances. An enchanted and skewed digital dream world, Strange Attractor inverts the Adam and Eve story and re-visions the Persian/Arabian tale of Layla and Majnun.Sufi love madness meets media prophecy.

You have never seen anything like it.

Tripping: An Anthology of True-Life Psychedelic Adventures
Charles Hayes, Author/Editor

In Tripping, Charles Hayes has gathered fifty narratives about unforgettable psychedelic experiences from an internation array of subjects representing all walks of life -- respectable Baby Boomers, aging hippies, young ravers, and accomplished writers such as John Perry Barlow, Anne Waldman, Robert Charles Wilson, Paul Devereux, and Tim Page. Taking a balanced, objective approach, the book depicts a broad spectrum of altered states, from the sublime to the terrifying. Hayes's supplemental essays provide a synopsis of the history and culture of psycehdelics and a discussion of the kinetics of tripping. Specially featured is an interview with the late Terence McKenna, who was perhaps the preeminent psychedelic spokesperson of our time. A storehouse of astonishing, often otherworldy tales, Tripping is a compendium of forbidden memories that enables readers to trip vicariously or compare notes on their own experiences.

A magnificent collection of psychedelic travels by true explorers.
-- Alexander Shulgin, author of PIHKAL

[NOTE: This book contains one of the best and longest interviews with Terence McKenna that is still in print.]

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