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The Spirit of the Internet was awarded FIRST PRIZE in the non-fiction category at the Independent e-Book Awards ceremony held at the Virginia Festival of the Book.

"You have done a great job with a complex subject, and I hope you will reach a wide audience."
RALPH ABRAHAM, Ph.D., author of Trialogues on the Edge of the West, Chaos-Gaia-Eros, and The Evolutionary Mind

"A uniquely inspiring vision of where cyberspace will carry the spirit of humanity in the coming century."
BRUCE DAMER, author of Avatars: Exploring and Building Virtual Worlds on the Internet

"The key premise of Larry Hagerty's The Spirit of the Internet is that cyberspace has evolved a "spirit" which cannot-and must not-be corralled or controlled. This intriguing argument leaps across disciplinary boundaries and emphasizes similarities rather than differences, tapping worlds of knowledge along the way. After executing a superb survey of the Internet's evolution, he not only tackles its philosophical issues, but also applies the principle of random variables to the science of Chaos, concluding that both freedom and responsibility are essential to the health and growth of a powerful collective spirit, which is changing the face of human existence."
GABRIELE RICO, Ph.D., author of Writing the Natural Way, Pain and Possibility, and Re-Creations: Inspiration from the Source

"An exciting romp through the future of cyberspace. A future laden with the possibility of a new golden age for all humanity. This book is an invitation for each of us to wake up and do our part."
CARLA HIGDON, Director of Community Relations, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

"Larry Hagerty is a 21st century techno-shaman who carries the ancient traditions forward, bridging the past while bringing the magic of the future into existence. To those whose hearts and minds are open, a reading of The Spirit of the Internet will infuse them with the pioneering spirit of a visionary who dares to dream and think freely."
MATTHEW J. PALLAMARY, author of Land Without Evil, The Small Dark Room of the Soul, A Short Walk to the Other Side

“There is much green thought built into the book in kind of peek-a-boo ways. There is also much use of religious metaphors and language. In one chapter he talks about how the Internet is connecting all the countries of the world together in a seamless web. In another he talks about how just governments obtain their powers from the consent of the governed. This is all tied together by bridges like chaos theory which are carefully annotated and referenced, making the book something like a hyperlinked web node of remarkable detail. . . . The very least you can get from reading this book is an understanding of how the Internet boom managed to sweep along so many people in a cloud of emotion that was somewhere between religious awe and a feeding frenzy. Many sound bites from people like Terence McKenna and John Perry Barlow that got me are between the covers, right where they fit in the development of Hagerty's arguments. If you enjoy discussing the practical implications of philosophy, you will get lots of useful material from The Spirit of the Internet.”

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