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[NOTE: For an excellent summary of
Mind States IV in May 2003, see Zoe7's Web site.]

Zoe7 and Lorenzo Hagerty at Mind States IV, May 2003     The official Mind States II website is located at What follows is a brief summary of Mind States II: Further Perspectives on Altered Consciousness, which was held at the International House in Berkeley, California from May 25th–27th, 2001. If you attended this conference and would like to add your comments to others on this website, please send them to

Links on the schedule shown below will take you to comments and information about each presentation. In addition to the formal presentations listed below, each evening’s sessions were preceded by an informative game of “EntheoJeopardy,” which was hosted by James Kent, publisher of “trip ” magazine.

Conference Schedule
[Brief biographical sketches of each speaker are available by clicking on their names below,
or you may go directly to the
Speaker Biography page.]

Friday Afternoon:

Letter from Albert Hofmann read by Myron Stolaroff

“Psychecelic Culture: One or Many” by Erik Davis

“Psychoactive Information: The Complexities and Ethical Challenges of Publishing Data About Mind Altering Plants and Chemicals” by Earth and Fire Erowid

Friday Evening:

“Multidimensional Minds in Resonating Fields” by Jean Millay

Musical performance by didjeridu player and musician extrodinaire, Stephen Kent

Liquid Crystal Vision (documentary film)

Saturday Afternoon:

“Ketamine: Dreams and Realities” by Karl Jansen, M.D., Ph.D.

“Blood and Consciousness: The Search for Expanded Consciousness from Paleolithic to Modern Man” by Amanda Feilding (Lady Neidpath)

“Hidden in Plain Sight: The Fly Mushroom in Alchemical Art,” slide presentation and commentary by Clark Heinrich

“Plant Spirit Suite” — Dale Pendell and the Oracular Madness Choir

Saturday Evening:

“Becoming Transhuman,” a video/music/spoken word performance by Mark Pesce

“Visionary Art,” slide presentation and commentary by Jon Hanna

The God Egg, a Glenn Grillo film

Sunday Afternoon:

“Panel of Elders” featuring Michael Horowitz, Laura Huxley, Rosemary Woodruff Leary, Cynthia Palmer, Ann Shulgin, Sasha Shulgin, Huston Smith, and Myron Stolaroff

“Psychedelic Thinking and the Dawn of Homo Cyber” by Lawrence Hagerty

“Reflections on Imprisonment and Liberation As Aspects of Consciousness” by Nicholas Sand

Sunday Evening:

“Mind Machines, Entheogens, and the Expansion of Consciousness” by Zoe7

“Skillful Means: Using Psychedelics to Solve Technical and Scientific Problems” by James Fadiman

Wonderland Experience (film)

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