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Random Musings

. . . about Chaos,
Reason, and Hope


This is an archive page and is no longer being updated.

Please see our
Notes from the Psychedelic Salon blog
for a current list of our speakers (Categories).

MP3 recordings of the following people are
now available on the Palenque Norte site:

Alex, Allyson, & Zena Grey
Ann Shulgin
Bruce Damer
Charles Grob, M.D.
Christian Rätsch
Dale Pendell
Daniel Pinchbeck
Earth & Fire Erowid
Eric Davis
Fraser Clark
Galen Brandt
Gary Fisher
James Fadiman
Jerry Candelaria
John Gilmore
Jon Hanna
Ken Vanosky
Lorenzo Hagerty
Martina Hoffmann
Michael & Annie Mithoefer
Michael Brownstein
Myron Stolaroff
Nick Sand
RafaelO Aisner
Ralph Abraham
Randy Hencken
Rick Doblin
Roberto Venosa
Sandra Karpetas
Sasha Shulgin
Sobey Wing
Terence McKenna
Valerie Mojeiko

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