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From the Mind States II program in May, 2001:

     Nick Sand and Lorenzo at Burning ManNICHOLAS SAND is a former unauthorized chemist and low-profile hero of the psychedelic underground. For the last four decades he has been a student of yoga, the Kabballah, meditation, Krishna consciousness, Sufism, aikido, T'ai Chi, and Zen, as well as having studied the teachings of Krishnamurti, Milarepa, Ramakrishna, Rajneesh, and other great philosophers. In the early years of psychedelic exploration, Sand was one of the original guides at the Millbrook commune, where thousands of individuals were turned on. From 1996 until late 2000, he was a prisoner of the War on Drugs--first in Canada and then in the USA.

     Here is a link to the Wikipedia entry about Nick, about which he says, "There is a bit of hyperbole and it is very flattering but yes, it's basically true. . . . I was friends with Art Kleps the founder of the neo-American church. I was Chief Alchemist for the league for spiritual discovery and for Castalia foundation also at Millbrook. Otherwise it's a pretty interpretation of what happened and it's way more accurate than others."

Listen to a PodCast (MP3 file) of
Nick Sand's
2001 presentation

"Reflections on Imprisonment and Liberation
as Aspects of Consciousness"

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Lorenzo, Usha, Nick

Lorenzo at home with Nick and Usha








Lorenzo and Nick Sand 
A rose between two thorns!

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