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MP3 of a conversation with Gary Fisher                          Publications

Gary Fisher, psychedelic research elderFrom the Albert Hofmann Foundation's Web site:
"Gary Fisher, Ph.D., is one of the very knowledgeable investigators from the early days of LSD research. He is a clinical psychologist who is one of the pioneer workers in psychotherapy utilizing LSD and psilocybin. His training was with members of the Saskatchewan Group who were trained by Al Hubbard. He did extensive work treating schizophrenic and autistic children as well as cancer patients. The impressive results he obtained in these categories give testimony to the remarkable potential these substances offer when administered with wisdom and understanding."

From: Higher Wisdom: Eminent Elders Explore the Continuing Impact of Psychedelics
Higinio Gonzalez and Gary Fisher"In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Fisher conducted pioneering research on the use of psychedelic drugs in autistic and schizophrenic children. He subsequently explored the role of psychedelics in adults with major mental illness and in patients with terminal cancer. He has contributed a number of pivotal articles in the literature on the application of psychedelics with a variety of seriously ill subjects. Fisher was also a collaborator of Timothy Leary in Mexico, the Caribbean, and at Millbrook in New York. He has written several relevant papers, including "Some comments concerning dosage levels of psychedelic compounds for psychotherapeutic experiences," [click for print-friendly copy] published in a 1963 issue of the Psychedelic Review, and "The psycholytic treatment of a childhood schizophrenic girl," published in a 1970 issue of the International Journal of Social Psychaitry (London)."

THE LINKS BELOW will take you to several articles by Dr. Fisher that have been posted on the Web stie of the Albert Hofmann Foundation in The Gary Fisher Collection:

Some Comments Concerning Dosage Levels Of Psychedelic Compounds For Psychotherapeutic Experiences       [Print-friendly copy]
by Gary Fisher, Ph.D.

Death, Identity, and Creativity
by Gary Fisher, Ph.D.

Successful Outcome of a Single LSD Treatment in a Chronically Dysfunctional Man
by Gary Fisher, Ph.D.

The Psychotherapeutic Use Of Psychodysleptic Drugs
by Gary Fisher, Ph.D. and Joyce Martin M.D.

Psychotherapy for the Dying:
Principles and Illustrative Cases with Special Reference to the use of LSD

by Gary Fisher, Ph.D.; Assistant Professor, Division of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education, School of Public Health. University of California, Los Angeles

Counter-Transference Issues in Psychedelic Psychotherapy
by Gary Fisher, PH.D

Treatment of Childhood Schizophrenia Utilizing LSD and Psilocybin
by Gary Fisher, Ph.D.

The article below is one referred to in Gary Fisher's conversation

Ayahuasca and Cancer: One Man's Experience by Donald M. Topping, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, University of Hawai'i

Listen to a PodCast (MP3 file) of

A conversation with Gary Fisher
"Treating Childhood Schizophrenia
With LSD and Psilocybin"

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Gary Fisher is now an artist living in Southern California.

Pam and Norbert
Pam and Norbert, research pioneers, in front of
a painting by psychedelic elder, Gary Fisher.



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