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Ken Vanosky is the founder and chairperson of Raise the Frequency. RTF is a 501 C (3) nonprofit organization, providing support for local and community-based arts, culture, and humanity nonprofits whose activities promote an appreciation for, enjoyment and understanding of the visual, performing, and media arts.

RTF sponsors initiatives that support existing and developing art centers, and is preparing to provide non-profit organizations, their funding partners and service aggregators, with sophisticated capacity-building, knowledge management software tools. RTF shall also offer the nonprofit community data aggregation and information services, as well as administrative and managerial support in the use of the software tools.

RTF also offers support for multidisciplinary media and interactive art programs that generate social participation through events. Among other capabilities, our staff brings a particular knowledge of the economics of digital art event production, including fund raising events, and events that present local and community's art, and events that contribute to the overhead of art center facilities and make optimum use of art center resources.

You can also find Ken at Camp CONEXUS during Burning Man 2003.

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