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Erik DavisErik Davis is the author of Techgnosis: Myth, Magic & Mystery in the Age of Information. As a freelance journalist, his articles and interviews have appeared in Wired, The Village Voice, Gnosis, and other publications. Erik has lectured internationally on the topics of techno-culture, visionary drugs, and the fringes of religion. (For example, see "Psychedelic Culture: One or Many?")

Though still underground, today's psychedelic scene is no longer exactly counter-cultural. Even as consensus reality grows increasingly trippy, the psychedelic scene itself has diversified. There are scientists and religionists, pagans and transhumans, policy wonks and pranksters, historians and hardcore psychonauts. What does this diversity say about the role that psychedelics now play in society? And how do the psychedelics themselves help us navigate and understand the contradictions that can sometimes arise between these different perspectives?

You can learn more about Erik's activities and ideas on his Web site, Erik Davis' Figments & Inklings, where you will also find his brief biography.

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