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Jerry Candelaria is Co-Founder of the Arete Center for Excellence. Jerry is a professional coach who has worked with individuals and led courses for the past 16 years.

The Arête Experience is an intensive 3-day course, set in a small group environment, for men and women who are interested in bringing their lives to the next level.

Unlike other courses, workshops or programs, the Arête Experience does not examine life events though the Past, but rather explores the language of the Present as an access to growth in our lives. Through this process, participants generally become more connected with their deep passions and commitments, and discover a new sense of openness and relatedness with others.

"Arête", pronounced (are-uh-tay), is an ancient Greek word that describes the phenomenon that occurs when one's essence or truest self is unveiled and seen in community. This experience is best demonstrated when a group of people comes together in service of a common higher purpose. Under these conditions, an individual's truest essence or greatness can be evoked and reflected in the community in ways that are unavailable to an individual alone in self-reflection.

Once an individual's greatness or their gifts are revealed, natural practices for growth emerge which further support new opportunities to play at one's personal edge in all areas of life.

You can also find Jerry at Camp CONEXUS during Burning Man 2003.

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