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Burning Man

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ALEX GREY is a visionary artist best known for his Alyson and Alex Greydepictions of the human body that "x-ray" the multiple layers of reality, revealing the complex integration of body, mind, and spirit. His paintings have been featured on the cover of albums by the Beastie Boys and Tool, in Newsweek magazine, on the Discovery Channel, rave flyers and sheets of blotter acid, and have been exhibited throughout the world. Alex's books include Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey , his philosophical text, The Mission of Art, and the recent Transfigurations. Sounds True released The Visionary Artist, an audiotape of Alex's art, philosophy, and vision practices. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Allyson Grey and their daughter, actress Zena Lotus Grey.

ALLYSON GREY is a visionary artist who combines the elements of Chaos, Order, and a Secret Writing into her abstract sacred geometry. She has BA and MA degrees in Fine Arts, and has exhibited solo shows at Stux Gallery and O.K. Harris Gallery in NYC, among others. Commissions of permanent public works include a 24-foor mural at the First Bank of Lowell, Massachusetts, and her paintings are collected by corporations and individuals.

In his essay titled "The Generous Art of Allyson Grey", Alan Singer, artist and professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, had this to say about Allyson's work:

The multiplicity of life, and a celebration of color, is found in the paintings of Allyson Grey. Her visual language usually involves logical systems of measurement and geometry, but is not strictly limited to the field of mathematices. In this exhibit, some of the works under consideration depend on a mirrored symmetry, while others take the viewer into a chaotic universe of deconstruction. In Grey's paintins there appears the explicit desire to create an intimate world, complete, like a self-sufficient farm. . . .

ZENA GREY has Zena Grey at Burning Man 2003appeared in films such as

The Shaggy Dog (w/Tim Allen - to be released in 2006), Synergy (w/Dennis Quaid), Stateside (w/Val Kilmer), Italian (w/John Turturro), Max Keeble's Big Move (w/Alex D. Linz), Snow Day (w/Chevy Chase), Summer Catch (w/Freddiw Prince Jr.), and The Bone Collector (w/Denzel Washington & Angelina Joli). Zena's theater appearances include The Herbal Bed, Radiant Baby Kid, The Ugly Duckling Duck/Frog/Fish, and Our Town (w/Patti Duke). On television you might have seen Zena in Soul Man, or caught her on Saturday Night Live or on The Conan O'Brien show. Carlo McCormick of Paper Magazine wrote an article titled “Zena Grey, Warrior Actress” and said this::

A natural charmer and an obsessive thespian, Grey hit our radar as the daughter of visionary artists Allyson and Alex Grey. . . . ever since she appeared in an off-off-Broadway play at age 7, there's been nothing she'd rather do. She took 13 weeks off school to star (with Chris Elliott and Chevy Chase) in “Snow Day” ... she spent her 10th birthday immersed in a tank of freezing, trash-filled water to shoot The Bone collector. She's been featured in more television commercials than anyone would ever want to watch ...

At Burning Man 2003, Zena joined her parents to lead one of the Palenque Norte conversations. It was an amazing performance by a such a young woman, particularly considering the fact that it was in front of an extremely eclectic audience and under less than optimal conditions.

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