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Wednesday (8-27-03)

(Noon)        Jon Hanna (more about Jon)
                    “Drug Inspired Metaphysical Concepts”
                    (click for photos and MP3s of Jon's presentation)

(2:00 p.m.)     Rafael Aisner (more about Rafael)
                      “Psychedelogy: A Novel Paradigm of Self . . . Mastering The Power of Belief”
                    (click for photos and MP3s of Rafael's presentation)

Thursday (8-28-03)

(Noon)         Special Guests
“The REAL Vagina Monologues”

(2:00 p.m.)     Erik Davis (more about Erik)
                       Beyond Belief: The Cults of Burning Man”
                       (click for photos and MP3s of Erik's presentation)

Friday (8-29-03)

(Noon)         Alex, Allyson, & Zena Grey (more about Alex, Allyson, & ZenaGrey )
                    “Art, Love, Family and Psychedelics”
                   (click for photos and MP3s of the Grey's presentation)

(2:00 p.m.)      Bruce Damer (more about Bruce)
                        “Beyond Belief: The Day the Universe Becomes Conscious”
                        (click for photos and MP3s of Bruce's presentation)

Saturday (8-30-03)

(Noon)         Daniel Pinchbeck (more about Daniel)
 “Emit Time: 2012...A Change in How We Experience Time”
                      (click for photos and MP3s of Daniel's presentation)

(2:00 p.m.)      Ken Vanosky & Jerry Candelaria (more about Ken and Jerry)
“Knowing Purpose and Community”

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