Burning Man 2009 Poster Contest

Can you turn this concept into a poster that does justice to two of our more famous elders?
Submit your version to Lorenzo (at) MatrixMasters (dot) com
All entries will be posted here.

Hopefully the winner will be presented with a printed copy of the poster,
but since this is a Burning Man project there are no guarantees about anything :-)!

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2009 Burning Man Art Theme: Evolution

Event Description

Leary and McKenna Come to Burning Man

Hear Ye Hear Ye, y'all come on into the tent, for the main event is about to start, its Tim and Terence (Leary and McKenna that is) at Burning Man for their First Time!

Its Dialogues, Trialogues and, well, this year it's going to be one big Playalogue where we bring back these ghosts from the past on main stage at Entheon Village.

So its going to be a wondrous magikal mystery tour as we bring together the Psychedelic Pantheon for the first time at the event and to a community that they helped spawn. However, it wasn't before today that they have had the unique experience of being here with us on the playa.

And we invite you to become a part this experience!

Meet us for a multi course meal of histories revealed, weird theories posited, questions answered, answers questioned, rare and revealing photos brought to light, voices and video projected all around. And expect the greatest secrets of life, the universe, and all that is to come to light by dawn. All of this and more will be brought to you by CyberTehcnoDelic shaman Damer and Carnival Barker Lorenzo.

Come on the appointed day and at the appointed hour for a blend of spoken word performance, dance, audience participation (address your questions to the Two Ts or anyone else) and radical self expression. It will fill up fast (overflow video projection available) so don't be tardy!

PS: You can also attend the Raw Rehearsal for this event the previous day where we will be recruiting help for the premier of an event that still remains unnamed.