Wednesday (9-1-04)

2 - 4 p.m.
Sobey Wing, & Rafaelo Aisner
(more about:  Sobey . . . . . Rafaelo )

"Psychonavigating Heaven and Hell" PART 1 . . . PART 2
                                                    [NOTE: Part 1 is 16MB, 45 minutes; Part 2 is 9MB, 24 minutes]

4 p.m.
Rafaelo Aisner
(more about Rafaelo)

"Cracking the Code, Picking the Lock, and Removing the Door to the Vault of Heaven"
[NOTE: This file is 17 MB and the talk is 48 minutes in length.]

5 p.m.
Rafaelo Aisner
(more about Rafaelo)

"How to Choose your Medicines Wisely From the Alphabet Soup"
PART 1 . . . . . PART 2
[NOTE: Part 1 is 15 MB and 41 minutes long; Part 2 is 16MB and 46 minutes long.]

Thursday (9-2-04)

4 p.m.
Michael Brownstein
(more about Michael)

"Waking Up from the American Dream"

[ NOTE: This file is 18 MB, and the talk is 52 minutes in length.]




5 p.m.
Daniel Pinchbeck
(more about Daniel)
"Return of Quetzalcoatl"


[ NOTE: This file is 20 MB, and the talk is 57 minutes in length.]


Friday (9-3-04) . . . 4 p.m.
   "Ibogaine in the treatment of Addiction"
    "Ibogaine and the drug war: A frontlines perspective"
    "Ibogaine Outcome Study"

[NOTE: This collection of talks is 14 MB and is 1 hour and 20 minutes long.]

Sandra Karpetas (more about Sandra)

Randy Hencken (more about Randy)

Valerie Mojeiko (more about Valerie)

Saturday (9-4-04)

4 p.m.
Rick Doblin
(more about Rick)
"Psychedelics and Marijuana:
Therapy, Re-creation & Politics"
[NOTE: This talk is 12 MB and is 1 hour 12 minutes long.]

4:40 p.m.
Michael & Annie Mithoefer
(more about Michael & Annie)

"MDMA/PTSD Research, Grof Holotropic Breath Work"

[NOTE: This talk is 7 MB and is 41 minutes long.]



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