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Random Musings

. . . about Chaos,
Reason, and Hope


In the Interactive Yurt Gallery at the PodCluster ... 7:30 and Intertidal

Scheduled Playalogues

Wednesday: 3:00 pm . . . topic leader: JON HANNA
                                              Topic . . . What to Believe In?

Wednesday: 4:00 pm . . . topic leader: OROC
(who gave away 250 copies of Tryptamine Palace at Burning Man last year)
                                    Topic . . . Tryptamines and God

Wednesday: 5:00 pm . . . topic leader: DANIEL PINCHBECK
                              Topic . . . Sex and Social Control, Tantra and Liberation:
                                                             An Open Discussion

Thursday: 3:00 pm . . . topic leader: VALERIE MOJEIKO
                              Topic . . . Psychedelics’ Role in Ecopsychology

Thursday: 4:00 pm . . . topic leader: ALICIA DANFORTH
                         Topic . . .
Building a Model for Sustainable Psychedelic Therapy

Thursday: 5:00 pm . . . topic leader: DALE PENDELL
                                   Topic . . .
Greenness, the Way of Eve, and the Poison Path

Thursday: 6:00 pm . . . topic leader: SEABROOK LEAF
                                   Topic . . .
Establishing a Tribal Land Base

Friday: 3:00 pm . . . topic leader: ERIK DAVIS
         Topic . . . Ecology and the Imagination

Friday: 4:00 pm . . . topic leader: MARK HELEY
                      Topic . . . 2102: The Galactic Revolution:
      The link between crop circles, burning man, and the end of time

Friday: 5:00 pm . . . topic leader: BRUCE DAMER
                      Topic . . . The Ultimate Revelation:
                                 How Rare We Are in the Universe
                                        (and what to do about it?)

Please stop by the yurt at the PodCluster
to confirm the time and day a particular topic leader will be there.

Ad hoc Playalogues

     In addition to the regularly scheduled Playalogues, we will be turning on our recorders and capturing Playalogues all over Black Rock City. If you don't see us on the playa, stop by the Palenque Norte micro-camp in a corner of the PodCluster at 7:30 and Intertidal and join in the conversation.

     One of our ad hoc playalogues will be held at Entheon where we will be recording an interactive visionary art workshop with Roberto Venosa and Martina Hoffmann. The day and time of this conversation will be posted at the yurt in the PodCluster by Tuesday evening.

Genesis of the Palenque Norte Playalogues

     Long ago and far away, there gathered a small group of people in a Lacandón jungle, near the ruins at Palenque, Mexico. Each year, for a couple of weeks, a few hundred inquisitive souls sat around the end of the pool at the Chan Kah hotel and talked; they told stories and jokes; they sang; they danced; and they sat on their porches late into the night talking about their cosmic dreams. . . . Those were great days, those lazy days around the pool in Palenque. But those days have moved on, and that little tribe gathers in Palenque no more . . . but their conversations never died. In fact, they can often be heard in various nooks and crannies of Black Rock City.

In 2003, a few of us initiated the Palenque Norte conversations, which evolved into the Palenque Norte lectures by 2006. Now the time has arrived to return to our roots: conversations with the people we've been bumping into at conferences and festivals for many years now.

Anyone who has attended a conference in the past, like Mind States or the Entheobotany Seminars in Palenque, will tell you that while the speakers are what drew them to the conference, it was the people they met there that kept them coming back.

So we are going to attempt to re-create that vibe at the end of the pool in Palenque and record a series of Playalogues, or group conversations on the playa. It is our hope that theses conversations will eventually reach people far and wide. Hopefully, our conversations will never end, but will reach the ears of all who are ready to listen.

Origin of the word "Playalogue"

     Lorenzo put the stake in the ground for the concept, but Bruce Damer of the Digital Space Commons coined the word "Playalogue", as he says, "With thanks (and apologies) to Ralph, Rupert, and Terence."

Archive of the
Trialogues between
Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake

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