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Emit Time: 2012...A Change in How We Experience Time

Daniel Pinchbeck at Palenque Norte 2003     In the weeks leading up to Burning Man, we already knew that Daniel Pinchbeck's Palenque Norte conversation was going to be a big hit. Each day brought more email requests asking us to verify the day and time Daniel would be speaking. And we made some new friends during the week as people came by to double check. Obviously, Daniel Pinchbeck has a lot of fans who are burners!

     As expected, Daniel's presentation was an intellectual tour de force. Even if you attended this talk in person, or heard it on Black Rock City's KPOD radio, you will want to hear this again. Without the distraction of the wind, heat, and dust, you will probably discover some pearls of wisdom you missed when you heard it the first time.

Daniel and Palenque Norte welcome you to download and listen to Daniel's entire presentation, but we do ask that you observe the following copyright notice:

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MP3 Recording of Daniel Pinchbeck at Palenque Norte 2003

Emit Time: 2012...A Change in How We Experience Time
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Sound Bites: The angelic hierarchies ... crop circles . . . Stonehenge ... time is the key to understanding 2012, consciousness structures . . . Mental rational consciousness structure ... what time is, a new consciousness ... Jose Arguelles . . . The noosphere ... what 2012 is about, dreamtime . . . Rudolf Steiner ... the fourth incarnation of the Earth and its next transformation ... ayahuasca in the Amazon . . . The thesis of my next book ... a willed cataclysm ... the tree of life ... a vibrational matrix ... monogamy . . . Transformation of consciousness ... Steiner vs. Kant ... Arguelles' new calendar . . . John Hoopes' description of the Mayan calendar . . . Time spirits ... indigenous people and 2012 . . . The universe is made of language and music, a fantasy I have, selecting a shaman ... more about Steiner, ibogaine in Mexico . . . T.S. Elliott and the new consciousness structure

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Burning Man 2003 Photo Gallery
[Photos courtesy of Sidney Gillette Bruce Damer, Jon Hanna, Jacob Max Nasim, & Lorenzo]
[more photos]

Palenque Norte - Pinchbeck crowd

The pod overflows as Daniel Pinchbeck begins his Palenque Norte conversation at Burning Man 2003.

Daniel Pinchbeck speaking at Palenque Norte 2003

Palenque Norte 2003 crowd

A view from inside the chill pod during Daniel Pinchbeck's presentation.

Palenque Norte 2003 crowd

Palenque Norte 2003 crowd

It takes quite an attraction to lure people to an intellectual conversation in the middle of a desert at high noon!

Palenque Norte 2003 crowd

Several other Palenque Norte speakers (Bruce Damer for one) were on hand for Daniel Pinchbeck's Saturday morning presentation.

Lorenzo Hagerty introducting Daniel Pinchbeck at Palenque Norte-Burning Man 2003

Lorenzo introducing Daniel.

Daniel Pinchbeck listening to Bruce Damer's presentation on Friday afternoon.

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