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"What if the Pentagon is Right?"

"To the Barricades!" (also available on
"Homo Divinus, An Evolutionary Advantage"
"(Re) Building Paradise"

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"Are You Sure The Election Was Real?"
"A Resonant Event"
"Condoleezza, please stop smiling"
"Dr. Rice is Either Incompetent or a Liar"
"England We Need Your Help"
"Just Say No To Oil"
"Latest Poll Results: 97% Oppose Bush's War"
"Mythical America, R.I.P.
"Patriotism and Free Speech"
"Stand Up and Be Counted"
"The Difference Between America and Americans"
"The Fourth Amendment Has Just Been Canceled"
"The Time To Speak Up Is Now!" (December 5, 2001)
"To All Who Are Angry"

"Turn on. Tune in. TAKE CHARGE!" (speech)
"Psychedelic Thinking and the Dawn of Homo Cyber" (speech)
"More Thoughts About the Spirit of the Internet" (speech)
"The Healthcare Intustry and Cyberspace" (speech)
"Veterans, Freedom, and the Millennium" (speech)

Stand Up and Be Counted

     The Empire be damned! Let them spy on us if they dare. We have nothing to hide. Let's stand up and be counted as an integral part of this great global brain that has already begun to take form on this beautiful little planet called Earth.


Mythical America, R.I.P.

     During the recent political campaigns, one of the rich white men we were allowed to choose between spoke about there being two America's, one rich and one poor. Yet when you look at the way the alleged vote was divided, it didn't track that way. A lot of poor people voted for Bush and a lot of rich people voted for Kerry. The vote split down the middle (or so we've been told) on non-economic issues, like gay marriage and abortion. This divide we're experiencing isn't so much an economic divide as it is a cultural divide. But make no mistake about it, there are now two Americas, Fascist America and Free America, but Mythical America is no more, and in actuality it never existed anyway.


Homo Divinus, An Evolutionary Advantage

     As was the case some tens of thousands of years ago, when at least three different human species coexisted on Earth, more than one species of human is now inhabiting this planet. I call the new human species Homo divinus. If you look closely, you will find members of this new species everywhere. Perhaps you are one yourself, for now that consciousness has become evolution's willing partner, self-selection (the willed mutation from one species to another) has replaced chance as the best way to improve life on this planet. [Full Text] (RIGHT CLICK here to download the PDF version of this essay.)

(Re) Building Paradise

     If, as many of us believe, it is possible to return this planet to the paradise it once was, then why haven't we simply gone about doing it? Suddenly, the answer seemed so clear, and so simple: We transform our world by first transforming our own consciousness. [Full Text] (RIGHT CLICK here to download the PDF version of this essay.)

What if the Pentagon is Right?

     When the story about possible catastrophic climate change first appeared in Fortune magazine early this year, it became obvious that climate change has now moved beyond the realm of people who are environmentally conscious and into America's corporate board rooms as well. . . . We are talking here about something with the power to be civilization-changing. . . . The moment has finally arrived for concerned humans everywhere to stand up and be counted on the issue of global warming. The Pentagon/Fortune crowd have now made it OK to talk about these issues in public. No longer must environmentally-aware people remain circumspect around their friends, families, neighbors, and business associates. It is time drop our shields and get everyone on this planet talking about what us humans are doing to our life support systems here on Earth. What if we did that every day at work, at school, at church, and everywhere else we go. What if we asked every store clerk we deal with what they think about the Pentagon's report? What if everyone finally gets it? … And what if we don't? [Full Text(RIGHT CLICK here to download the PDF version of this essay.)

Condoleezza, please stop smiling

     For the sake of argument, however, let us say that there is absolutely no conflict of interest in Condoleezza Rice’s orchestration of the war in Afghanistan. Let’s say she honestly believes she is making her decisions based solely on the best interests of our country, and that it is only a coincidence her former Big Oil masters are the primary beneficiaries of her policies. Even then, if I were her media advisor, I would advise her to get rid of that ever-present smile. It is just not polite to gloat so much over one’s successes. And this is particularly true when success is paid for by sacrificing the lives of so many thousands of innocent children, women, and men ― whose only offense was to live in a country through which Big Oil coveted another pipeline. [Full Text(RIGHT CLICK here to download the PDF version of this essay.)

Dr. Rice is Either Incompetent or a Liar

     . . . Another example of her chutzpa was where she blandly smiled and said she couldn't remember if she had bothered to tell Bush that there were 70 Al Queda cells operating in the US . . . and those were only the ones we knew about! Couple that little tidbit with the fact that one of Bush's daily briefings was titled "'Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States" and at the very least this is incompetence. Personally, I don't believe Dr. Rice is that stupid, which only leaves one alternative, she is lying. So what's really going on here? Let's follow the money. . . . How very clever it was of those powerful businessmen to hide their point person right out in the open. All this time we thought that Cheney was the brains behind this criminal enterprise. But he may only be a decoy. Could it be Dr. Rice who is the source of all the bad policy coming out of this junta?

Are You Sure The Election Was Real?

     . . . What a shock it was then to awaken to the news that the Bush people had already declared Bush the winner, and that John Kerry was about to make a concession speech. HUH? Did they really count every vote like they promised? What about the 250,000 votes in Ohio that still hadn't been counted? That was almost twice the size of the current margin in Ohio. There didn't even need to be a recount or a court fight. All Kerry had to do was to simply wait until all the votes were counted. Isn't that what Edwards had promised just a few hours earlier? Instead, Kerry simply folded, gave up, quit.



England We Need Your Help

     The most important thing I discovered is that there's a sizeable number of people who are quite passionate about ending America's Wars on the poor, the weak, and the less advantaged. . . . San Diego, a beautiful but highly conservative California city. Perhaps its conservatism stems from the area also being the home of several large military bases. . . . Into this uptight city, which is full of gas-guzzling SUVs flying U.S. flags as they speed along the freeways, rode the quintessential American cowboy. Although I didn't see his actual entrance, I am quite certain that Michael Moore must have come into town riding on the world's largest white horse. Under cover of a "book signing tour," Moore led the most exciting political rally I have ever attended. . . . Unlike the slowly developing, fine-tuned speeches we hear sliding out of the mouths of our politicians, Michael Moore wasted no time getting to the point. . . . Postscript: After Michael Moore had been autographing books for over an hour, in a move reminiscent of their jack-booted role models, San Diego police stormed into the auditorium shouting threats of arrest to the people waiting quietly in line to have their books autographed. [Full Text] (RIGHT CLICK here to download the PDF version of this essay.)

Latest Poll Results: 97% Oppose Bush’s War

“Since we live in a country whose leaders value opinion polls more than they value the will of the democratic majority of voters, I thought it would be worthwhile to conduct my own survey of public opinion to see if I could add something of value to the national debate. . . . So what are we to make of all these polls? My suggestion is that you only trust the polls you conduct yourself.” [Full Text] (RIGHT CLICKhere to download the PDF version of this essay.)

The Time to Speak Up is NOW !

“War, Famine, and Pestilence are now so close that their faces are clear. We have seen such likenesses often in recent days, for their features resemble those of Sharon, Bush, and bin Laden. Together these Horsemen represent the consciousness of an inflexible righteousness so rigid that people with these mindstates have left themselves only two options: victory or annihilation. People who are deeply attached to these states of consciousness have lost their ability to reason as fully empowered human beings. They are incapable of comprehending any point of view that diverges from their own, and their vocabulary no longer includes words such as empathy, compromise, and fairness.” [Full Text] (RIGHT CLICK here to download the PDF version of this essay.)

To the Barricades

     “The moment has arrived for each and every one of us to speak out. To me, there is no discernable difference any more between the Democrats and the Republicans, but that doesn't mean I have no choices at the polls. I think we actually have a three party system: Green, Libertarian, and Rebublicrat. But I don't think those first two parties will have much of a chance unless we begin today to rebuild a free America. In November 2004, our cry will be "To the Polls." Until then, the best way to let the world know that there are still some freedom-loving people in this country is to turn out into the streets. First we demonstrate our unwillingness to send our children to be slaughtered in a quest to enrich a few oil companies and their military cousins like the Carlyle Group. Once we have prevented the Bush-Cheney junta from depleting our treasury and spilling innocent blood, we can focus on the important business of restoring democracy to this land.” [Full Text]        (RIGHT CLICK here to download the PDF version of this essay.)

Just Say No To Oil: A Ten Year Plan to End the War on Terrorism

“As you probably have guessed, I am talking about eliminating our dependence or foreign oil and then continuing on to completely eliminate our dependence on oil altogether. You might tell me this would be too costly or “painful,” but you cannot convince me that it is impossible. After all, we put men on the moon and brought them back. And we did so in under ten years with no better a technological starting point than we have today for transitioning to alternative fuel technologies. There simply is no better strategy for ending this ill-conceived war on terrorism.” [Full Text] (RIGHT CLICK here to download the PDF version of this essay.)

The Fourth Amendment Has Just Been Canceled

“Our nation’s chief law enforcement officer, Attorney General John Ashcroft, has been very clear in stating his belief that emergencies call for a maximum exercise of government power and a flexible interpretation of the Constitution. Following their boss’ lead, the FBI is now advocating the use of drugs and torture to obtain information from suspected terrorists. And Vice-President Cheney tells us that this war on terror will not end in our lifetimes. So get used to it America, the land of freedom and justice for all is now officially a myth.” [Full Text] (RIGHT CLICK here to download the PDF version of this essay.)

The Difference Between America and Americans

“The work all Americans must now undertake is to quickly restore democracy to America, for a moment of truth is bearing down upon this nation like an out of control freight train. I am speaking of the national elections in 2002 and 2004. Out of the entire U.S. Congress there was only a single dissenting vote cast against our unilateral attack on Afghanistan. Only one person in over five hundred, Representative Barbara Lee of California, had the courage to call for an end to the cycles of violence that threaten to destroy much of civilization. She is the only person we should vote to return to the next Congress." [Full Text] (RIGHT CLICK here to download the PDF version of this essay.)

Patriotism and Free Speech

”If ever there has been a time for a calm and collected discussion of all aspects of the perilous age we have just entered, it is now. Opinions offered by persons who hold no actual power to direct events on the world stage are just that, opinions. They are certainly not “attacks." [Full Text] (RIGHT CLICK here to download the PDF version of this essay.)

A Resonant Event

“Who can doubt that humanity experienced an emotional unity of consciousness on September 11, 2001? Never before, never in the entire course of human history, has a single event resonated in the minds of so many people at the same time. This was a resonant event unlike any the world has seen before, and now we must decide whether we are going to rise to the challenge it presents or sink deeper into the pit of violence. What we do with this tremendous opportunity for change will most likely seal the fate of our species for the rest of this decade, if not this century." [Full Text] (RIGHT CLICK here to download the PDF version of this essay.)

To All Who Are Angry

“If all of us who feel this way, all of us who seek justice and not revenge, all of us who seek peace and not war now speak up, then hope for a better world remains alive." [Full Text] (RIGHT CLICK to download the PDF version of this essay.)

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