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    After over a million words spread over a couple thousand pages, I am going to have to discontinue my dozen Blogger blogs and shift to WordPress. You can find my new consolidated blog at ... I host the Psychedelic Salon podcasts, which may be found at ... In these podcasts you can hear talks by people such as Terence McKenna, Alex Grey, Daniel Pinchbeck, Sasha Shulgin, Timothy Leary, Nick Sand and many others.

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    19 August 2005
    Scorpion Operations - Phase IIHistoric Photos of Phase II of the Scorpion Investigation

    In 1969, I was the XO and navigator on the USS Apache (ATF-67), which was the oceangoing tug that towed the floating dry-dock USS White Sands (ARD-20) to the scene of the loss of the USS Scorpion (SSN-589). In the dry-dock well of the White Sands was the bathyscaph USS Trieste II (DSV-1), the only manned operational deep submersible capable of reaching the 11,000+ foot depth where the Scorpion was found.

    Our cruise took us from our home port in San Diego, southward to the Panama Canal, through the canal and on to the Azores Islands, out to the Scorpion site (for 60 days!), back to the Azores, then onward and once again through the canal and up the coast to our sunny California home. In all, the Apache towed the White Sands for over 14,000 nautical miles, which is still a U.S. Navy record for a single tow!

    The link above will take you to a collection of pictures I took during that cruise. And below are a few of the At Sea photos via YouTube.

    posted by Lorenzo 5:32 PM

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