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The Stupidity of George W. Bush - IN HIS OWN WORDS!
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America's Aryan Nation Includes Self-Appointed "Chosen by God" Senators, Members of "The Family
(mark karlin, BuzzFlash,07/11/2009)
Since Senator Ensign's unrelenting affair with a woman on one of his staffs married to a man on another of his staffs became public, much attention has been drawn to the Skull and Bones like secret society of self-appointed "Christian Super Men" who are part of the Ubermensch "Family." ... Ensign may eventually face legal charges for financial transactions related to his affair -- as well as sexual harassment charges -- but in his "C Street Family" sanctuary, he is a welcome man. Even Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, who believes that doctors who perform abortions should be executed and lesbianism is rampantly "afflicting" grammar school girls, [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Keep in mind that this moron is one of the top 200 political leaders in the United States. We are doomed!] "allegedly" counseled Ensign on how to cover up his prolonged and unrepentant sexual dalliance that was virtually incestuous. Coburn too, is a member and resident of "The Family" home, which is religiously incorporated, near Capitol Hill. ... Of course, Mark Sanford is a regular guest at "The Family" residence and "worship" center when in D.C., seeking guidance on how to be a "King David" (as he recently called himself) who was allowed his sins because he, "The Family" members believe, has been chosen by God, in the name of Christ, to lead the ignorant masses. ... The members and residents at the "C Street Family" home and spiritual warrior center forgive each other all sins, because they believe themselves supermen. They are the Leopold and Loebs of modern evangelical fanaticism, which absolves individuals who believe that they have been absolved by God from responsibility for their behavior. ... In fact, they even consider that they suffer for their sins because they are attacked for simply living the life without limits that God allows them in turn for their "enlightened-divine" leadership of "strength and conviction." ... On her MSNBC program, the brilliant and endlessly insightful Rachel Maddow this week featured skilled journalist Jeff Sharlet, author of "The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power," and his revelations were about as frightening as reading "Mein Kampf." ... The jig is up for democracy if any of these men who use religion to allow for being above the moral and actual law becomes president; Bush, after all, thought he was chosen by God, when it was just the ethically defective and arrogant Antonin Scalia who put him in the White House. ... America's always had a streak of charlatan religious hucksters run a mile wide through its history, but men of power who think that they are accountable to no one because God has annointed them to be almighty -- in rule and sin, these are political terrorists to democracy in our midst. ... They are just self-righteous, hubristic, terribly flawed and lacking men with clay feet. ... But so were so many tyrants and enemies of democracy throughout history. ... We endure them in elected office at grave risk to our Constitutional foundations.

posted by Lorenzo 1:26 PM

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