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Special Help for Military Families Available (PDF file)
Aid and Attendance is a medical reimbursement pension for Veterans, their spouses, and surviving spouses. It was established by an Act of Congress in 1952 under section 38 USC. It is a mandatory pension and is not subject to partisan spending or discretionary Federal budget cuts. ... This pension is available to all qualified Veterans even if you are receiving military retirement pay based on years of service. ... This program pays up to: $1,632.00 monthly for a veteran; $1,055.00 monthly for a surviving spouse; $1,949.00 monthly for veteran and spouse. These funds may be used to pay the following:

1) Nursing home long term care.

2) Assisted living or for adult care services such as board and care.

3) And in some cases it pays family members, except for the spouse, to provide care at home.

4) Professional home care providers to come into the home. Qualification is more difficult.

5) Up to $1200.00 to renovate the home to help with disability such as ramps and grab bars.

When you think about the fact that a Veteran can receive up to $19,000.00 a year, a surviving spouse can receive up to $12,660.00 a year, a Veteran and spouse can receive up to $23,000.00 a year TAX FREE, I think you'll agree the benefit is worth putting up with a little inconvenience.

If you would like more information, please contact Ed Harris (at) aidandattendance70 (at) yahoo (dot) com

posted by Lorenzo 5:39 PM

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