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White, blue-eyed bankers have brought world economy to its knees': What the Brazilian President told Gordon Brown
(JAMES CHAPMAN, Daily MailOnlin,27th March 2009)
President Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, launched a bizarre tirade in which he warned that next week's G20 summit in London would be a 'spicy' affair. . . . Gordon Brown's efforts to broker an 80billion (pound) bailout for world trade on a trip to Brazil hit a stumbling block tonight when the country's president lashed out at 'white, blue-eyed' bankers for bringing the world economy to its knees. . . . President Lula said it was completely unfair that the poorest people in the world were suffering most for the mistakes of wealthy, Western financiers. . . . 'This was a crisis that was fostered and boosted by irrational behaviour of people that are white, blue-eyed, that before the crisis looked like they knew everything about economics,' he declared. . . . 'Now they have demonstrated that they don't know anything about economics.' . . . President Lula, head of Brazil's main left-wing party, said that 'no black man or woman, no indigenous person, no poor person' had been in any way culpable for the global banking crisis. . . . 'Iím not acquainted with any black banker,' he said. 'The part of humanity that's responsible should pay for the crisis.' . . . Turning to the G20 summit in London, he added: 'Normally we are very polite with each other - but this meeting in London, it has to be a little bit spicy, a little bit of heat.'

posted by Lorenzo 7:23 PM

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