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Obama is a Hypocrite

I get a sick feeling in my stomach when I hear something like this:

He said the question about cannabis "ranked fairly high". The truth, which he doesn't seem to be able to handle, is that it was by far, by far the number one question asked. So right off the bat he is obscuring the real facts.

Had young Mr. Obama been arrested for marijuana possession when he was young (as happens to almost 2,000 people EVERY DAY), he wouldn't be living a glorious life in the White House right now. He would be in a prison cage like a million other Americans.

And to be so cavalier about it, making a joke about marijuana users, who just happen to include a significant part of his rapidly dwindling 'base', is disgusting. He obviously has been spending too much time pandering to the Wall Street bankers who all have their hands out, begging for more of our taxes for their personal use. How sad to see Obama become such a two-faced politician, just like the rest of them.

posted by Lorenzo 11:01 AM

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